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Love 911

January 29, 2016
Valentines Day is for slow motion romps with your bestie through sun drenched fields of clover - silent, heavy lidded stare fests across a candle lit table - heart shaped boxes of chocolates, and .... Oops.
Yeah, those nasty downsides of love.  Luckily, you are not the only one that's had this happen.  There are plenty to comisserate with you... and they have written songs about it! Here are a few flawed\breakup love songs just for you from your friends at KAFM - if you're hurtin'.

In a recent interview, Irish singer and songwriter Mick Lynch said he wrote "In A Flash" for a friend who had recently split up.  Likely story, Mick.  The 3/4 time adds an odd sense of hopelessness and depression.  Lynch's excellent "Aliens, Ghosts and Lovers" was self released in December.


Andy Hackbarth, ex Colorado resident and Radio Room alumni, is on the rebound.  It's fairly obvious that his most recent release, "Panorama Motel", was a cathartic exercise.  Check out the title track below and share Andy's pain.  "Panorama Motel" was self released in November.  


'Nuff said from The Westies Michael McDermott - "I thought of 'Everything Is All I Want For You' as an unapologetic love song of a modern anti-hero. Rife with the depictions of a terribly flawed man, through it all our anti hero wants for nothing else but to dote on his own true love. The video is an homage to one of my favorite films Cinema Paradiso, written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. Regardless of the things we've all been through, regardless of all the trials, the temptations, the misfortune, the miscues, the false starts, the misdemeanors, the flawed and the favored, the saintly and the sinners, the broken and defeated, the desperate and the wounded...the last bastion of hope and healing sometimes, is the healing that can be felt, in something as simple...as a kiss."  From the "West Side Stories", released in December.

As we approach Valentines Day, you can expect lots of songs from all of your favorite KAFM programmers about our favorite human endeavor, Love.  Watch this space for more breakup songs to come.
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