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Debuting Now! Marlon Williams - Marlon Williams

February 10, 2016

Added this week to the new music wall at KAFM: Marlon Williams, with his self titled album Marlon Williams.
From the first track you think you know what the album will be. "Hello Miss Lonesome" features fast picking,
fast vocals, and an overall Americana, nearly bluegrass feel. It certainly draws you in. Yet as the album goes
along, it gets farther and farther from the norm. "Dark Child," the single from the album, is a deeply heartwrenching
anthem, as is "Strange Things." This track though adds a whole new element to the story telling, combining
perfect volume and tone to accentuate the odd and upsetting feeling of the tale. "I'm Lost Without You" has an almost
50's feel, and "After All" and "Silent Passage" completely capture Americana. This album is varied in so many 
ways but is strung together perfectly by William's rich, expressive vocals.

"Each song is a character,” says Marlon Williams of his self-titled solo debut: a remarkably assured and
diverse nine-track tapestry, united by one of the most versatile and evocative voices you’ll hear this or
any other year. “I don’t really ever sing out of character. Even if it’s a very personal song, once it’s written
it doesn’t belong to me.”

This album absolutely captured me, and I am GREATLY anticipating a tour date in Colorado.

Tori Miner
Music Director
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