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The KAFM Music Bureau Top Picks for 2016 - The H-man's selections:

December 16, 2016
No doubt 2016 was a terrific year for new music!  We play a broad range of genres here at KAFM. A lot of it passes through the dedicated and diverse members of the Music Bureau, overseen by KAFM's Staff Music Director, Tori Miner.  It is catalogued, reviewed and rated before ultimately finding it's way to our on-air studio. Looking back on 2016, here are some of the Music Bureau's members top picks of 2016, starting with The H-man who hosts KAFM's "The Divided Sky" and "Enjoy The Ride".  

# 1   The Record Company | "Give It Back To You"

"...moving bluesy roots music lead by the expressive vocals of front man guitarist and harp player Chris Vos and drummer Marc Cazoria...this thing sizzles from top to bottom and the buzz about them is justified..."

#2   Stewart Lindsey | Spitballin' 

"....what a find Lindsey is: his voice is pure magic with a vibrato and range off the charts as well as emotion usually reserved for more polished singers...a phenomenal eclectic mix of rock, blues, gospel, and country..." 

# 3   The Soul Of John Black | Early In The Moanin' 

"...soul-roots blues is cool for its beats and rhythms. Great storytelling lyrics. Super vocals and guitar playing, with backup singers and accompaniment ....this one is a total guilty pleasure..."

#4   Joe Bonamassa | Blues Of Desperation

"...contemporary rock/blues guitarist reaches new heights in song writing, vocals and of course guitar mastery. JB's epic guitar playing reaches unheard of levels...Best studio album he has ever done, which is saying something...."

# 5   Switchfoot | Where The Light Shines Through

"...the lyrics are inspirational, insightful, and creative with bombs away music that's catchy and superbly crafted..."

The H-man's Best of 2016 | Honorable Mention:
1. Rogue Valley | Radiate/Dissolve
2. Crushed Out | Alien Ocean
3. The Rides | Pierced Arrow
4. The Stumbellas | Hope
5. The Motet | Totem

Keep your radio tuned to KAFM as we continue to present the best in new music and emerging artists for 2017!
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