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The KAFM Music Bureau Top Picks for 2016 - Veta Bluegrass selections:

December 24, 2016
No doubt 2016 was a terrific year for new music!  We play a broad range of genres here at KAFM. A lot of it passes through the dedicated and diverse members of the Music Bureau, overseen by KAFM's Staff Music Director, Tori Miner.  It is catalogued, reviewed and rated before ultimately finding it's way to our on-air studio. Looking back on 2016, here are some of the Music Bureau's members top picks of 2016.  Up next is Veta Bluegrass who hosts KAFM's "Bluegrass and Beyond".   

#1    Bryan Sutton | The More I Learn  

"...finest record yet 3... sounds like a well worn pair of jeans...you dont want it to wear out...co-writers include Tim O'Brien, Nick Forster, Mike Barnett."


#2   Irene Kelley | These Hills

"...sweet voice and has added a great lineup of supporting musicians...she will be winning awards with this record."

#3   Sam Bush | Storyman

"Its been  several years since Sam "King of Telluride" and Father of Newgrass has released an album...Great lyrics...great songs..."

#4   Del & Dawg (Del McCoury and David Dawg Grisman) | Del & Dawg

"...friends since 1963 these bluegrass icons sing, play, and tell stories about each other. David Dawg Grisman (mandolin) and Del McCoury (guitar) both sing.Recodred live in Maine in 11/15. Excellent!..."

#5   Earls of Leicester | Rattle & Roar

"Second CD by The Earls of Leicester (play on names Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt). The Earls sound like Flatt and Scruggs with top musicians playing Flatt and Scruggs songs."

Veta Bluegrass Best of 2016 | Honorable Mention:

1. Giri Peters | Just Whittlin' Around 
2. Section House | A Collection of Instrumentals
3. Jordan Tice | Horse County
4. The New Kentucky Colonels | Live in Sweden 1973
5. Gathering Time | When One Door Closes

Keep your radio tuned to KAFM as we continue to present the best in new music and emerging artists for 2017!
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