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The KAFM Music Bureau Top Picks for 2016 - Lance's selections:

January 1, 2017
No doubt 2016 was a terrific year for new music!  We play a broad range of genres here at KAFM. A lot of it passes through the dedicated and diverse members of the Music Bureau, overseen by KAFM's Staff Music Director, Tori Miner.  It is catalogued, reviewed and rated before ultimately finding it's way to our on-air studio. Looking back on 2016, here are some of the Music Bureau's members top picks of 2016.  Next up, Lance, who hosts KAFM's "Radio Rapture".

#1   Rogue Valley | Radiate / Dissolve

"...near perfect fifth release for Mpls. MN quartet.  Band centered indie rock\ pop fusion built around the perfectly pure lead and harmony vocals...featuring ambient western guitar riffs, unexpected melody turns,  background brass chorus, and meticulous yet prudent production..."

#2   The Lumineers | Cleopatra

"...brilliant second effort from Denver folk/rock band...picking up where they left off, with perhaps a bit more polish, it leaves me wondering...what drives this phenomenon...purity and simplicity?...the easy warmth and intensity of the music?...does it matter?" 

#3   Ryan Sheridan | Ryan Sheridan

"...assertive, infectious, high energy roots influenced acoustic centric rock/pop from Irish s/s...Sheridan started on the fiddle at age 7 and at 16 toured the US four years with the 'Riverdance' ensemble, later taking up the guitar and forming bands in Dublin..."

#4   The Bones of J.R. Jones | Spirit’s Furnace

"...uncorrupted, stripped down tracks of rootsy mountain folk and dirty blues incorporating stomp percussion, picked and slide frets occasionally spiced up with additional keys, drums, and bass backing Linaberry's earthy, bobbing and soaring baritone..."

#5  Vaudeville Etiquette | Aura Vista Motel

"...Killer... sophomore release from Seattle quintet...band centered country rock featuring some fantastic paired frets (six string and pedal steel) and terrifically strong, tight and gritty m/f harmony vocals...nice production and tempo mix..."  

Lance's Best of 2016 | Honorable Mention:

1. Nate Currin | The Madman and the Poet
2. Parker Millsap | The Very Last Day
3. Smooth Hound Smith | Sweet Tennessee Honey
4. Skinny Lister | The Devil, The Heart & The Fight
5. Mick Lynch | Aliens, Ghosts and Lovers  

Keep your radio tuned to KAFM as we continue to present the best in new music and emerging artists for 2017!
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