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The KAFM Music Bureau Top Picks for 2016 - Tori's selections:

January 9, 2017
No doubt 2016 was a terrific year for new music!  We play a broad range of genres here at KAFM. A lot of it passes through the dedicated and diverse members of the Music Bureau, overseen by KAFM's Staff Music Director, Tori Miner.  It is catalogued, reviewed and rated before ultimately finding it's way to our on-air studio. Looking back on 2016, here are some of the Music Bureau's members top picks of 2016.  And up next, our very own, fantastic Music Director and "Champion of New Music", Tori, who hosts KAFM's "Fresh Tracks".  

#1   Kyle Craft | Dolls of Highland

"...an album full of riveting story songs, glam rock, twang, harmonica, and surprisingly fantastic vocals...Great use of piano and horns on this album..."

#2   Whitney | Light Upon the Lake

"...A few horns here and there, easy going guitar (little bit of slide), great vocals, great lyrics, modern day americana with a bit of indie rock thrown in there. I can't get enough of this album..."

#3   LVL Up | Return to Love

"...Great lo-fi vocals and melodies, full feeling instrumentals, and the mid-tempo driving style of Pavement. I love this. LOVE it..."

#4   Bon Iver | 22, a Million

"...electronic elements, extreme emotions and beautiful/tragic melodies to create his songs...features his GORGEOUS voice, and he uses seemingly-iffy audio quality the same way someone might use an instrument to add layers..."

#5   Flock of Dimes | If You See Me, Say Yes

"...Jenn Wasner has the most feeling, expressive, beautiful voice in Indie rock these days...where she gets to expand more onto her pop-ideals and creative rhythmic habits...it gives me chills..."

 Tori's Best of 2016 | Honorable Mention:

1. Blood Orange | Freetown Sound
2. Marlon Williams | Marlon Williams
3. Carseat Headrest | Teens of Denial
4. Empty Houses | Daydream
5. Andrew Bird | Are You Serious

Keep your radio tuned to KAFM as we continue to present the best in new music and emerging artists for 2017!
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