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Debuting Now! Awesome Music from Awesome Ladies

June 9, 2016
There is no shortage of perfect harmonies this week in Radioland. 
Amber Arcades (top left), Tegan & Sara (top right), Margaret Glaspy (bottom left) and Britta Phillips (bottom right) flooded our ears this week and it was a soothing, dreamy experience. Let's chat about some ladies, shall we?

Margaret Glaspy:
Can't get over this gal. Her debut album, Emotions and Math, is due out on ATO in September, but lucky for us it's going for radio promotion NOW! Soulful, smokey vocals and creative pop guitar work make her first album one to remember, and makes us even more excited to see what she'll do in the future! But let's not get Quick read more or view full article ahead of ourselves. Check out the title track "Emotions and Math" now and see why Margaret has really captured our attention.

Britta Phillips:
This lady makes you feel like you're either the lead actor in an elegant movie or sitting in the hippest coffee shop, writing the most elegant movie. But don't get ahead of yourself, because Britta has actually be involved in all of those things. In and out of several bands, including Luna and Dean & Britta, since the early 90's, Britta has also been in and written music for movies. Her first solo album, Luck or Magic, really draws you in a cinematic way, with gorgeous vocals and great song structure. 

Amber Arcades:
So beachy and dreamy that you FINALLY understand what "dream pop" is all about. Actually Annelotte de Graaf from the Netherlands, she recorded this album, Fading Lines, in New York, with members of Real Estate and Quilt in the backing band. There's no wonder it feels like it fits right in, it was recorded with "dream pop" royalty! Let her vocals carry you away to the beach or the clouds or wherever it is when you close your eyes. 

Tegan and Sara:
These Canadian sisters are unstoppable. Over the course of their musical career (this is their 7th album) these women have changed their sound a bit, but this album is undoubtably my favorite pop album of the year. If you've recently experience a break-up or are perhaps pondering one, Love You To Death is an album that is crying for your speaker system. 

It's been a gorgeous week for music and a great way to start off summer listening.
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