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Debuting Now! Empty Houses

July 5, 2016
I think I'm in love. Again.

I almost don't know where to start with one. It's too good. 

Do you like motown? Do you like pop? Do you like soulful vocals?
Yes to any of those?
Listen to Daydream by Empty Houses right now. I mean it, RIGHT now. 

This debut album out on Sargent House records dropped June 10, so I'll admit, I'm a little behind on this one. But "better late than never" is an understatement for this record. David Mackinder, Adam Mercer & Ali Shea make up this Detroit outfit, and they're bringing essential elements back into modern pop music. The title track "Daydream" Quick read more or view full article href="http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/7356733/empty-houses-daydream-premiere-steam-excusive">Billboard calls "A Phil Spector-influenced gem" and it definitely has that wall-of-sound pop glory that you remember from tracks like "Be My Baby" Jump to the next track, "Lost at Sea" and you're seeing the bandstand and hearing elements of "Earth Angel" bouncing off the walls. The perfect amount of horns, that driving motown groove, and Shea's soulful, soaring vocals reel you in over and over again. "Mercy" and "Every Word" have the soul and style of Adele, and "Falling Away" will have you undoubtably dancing wherever you happen to be. Put on "Hold Your Hand" 

I think my favorite part of this album is the flawless use of bells, clapping, and auxiliary percussion. The tinkling blends effortlessly into this pop A+, the clapping only adds to the beat, and the occasional wood block or castanets just fit.

Get in on this band before they blow up, seriously. Give the first track, "Better of Me" a listen and fall in love with that 60's pop all over again. This band feels like a blast from the past, but the good news is that they aren't, and hopefully they'll be making new music for a long time.

In case you missed the link up there^ for "Daydream" I'll put it here, too, because I really want you to hear it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqf8geOco5g Read Less
Posted by Tori
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