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January 2018

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Thursday, Jan 11
  5:30pm Victoria season 2 Screening Preview The KAFM Radio Room
Friday, Jan 12
  8:30am Grain School University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  7:00pm Firehouse 538 Main st Grand Junction CO 81501
  9:00pm Concert: Wave 11 715 Horizon Drive Ste.100
  9:00pm An Evening with A-Mac & The Height LIVE MUSIC 512 East Main
Saturday, Jan 13
  3:00pm 3 Day Celebration Martin Luther King, Jr. Avalon
  4:00pm Fundraiser for Solas Animal Safe House and Stosch' LIVE MUSIC 512 East Main
  9:30pm Concert: Jocelyn and Chris Arndt 715 Horizon Drive Ste.100
Sunday, Jan 14
  2:00pm Soul Food Potluck Martin Luther King, Jr. Clifton Community Hall
Monday, Jan 15
  1:30pm Handy Chapel March Martin Luther King, Jr. Handy Chapel