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October 2017

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Wednesday, Oct 25
  7:00pm CMU Jazz Warehouse 2565
Thursday, Oct 26
  7:30pm The Novel Ideas The Radio Room 1310 Ute Ave
Friday, Oct 27
  3:00pm Trick or Treat Street & Touch a Truck Sarah Brooks
  4:00pm Harvest Fest Riverbend Park
  6:00pm Harvest Fest Glow in the Dark 5K Fun Run Riverbend Park
  8:00pm Agent Orange Mesa Theater
  9:30pm Concert: Tim and Richard 715 Horizon Drive
Saturday, Oct 28
  9:00am Brushing up on Landscapes and Florals Workshop The Art Center (1803 N 7th Street)
  9:00am 4th Annual Canine Spooktacular 740 Gunnison Ave.
  9:30pm Concert: Digasaurus 715 Horizon Drive