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Music Bureau Recommends - November 19

November 19, 2014
We have SO much new music coming in! Here's what members of the Music Bureau recommend:

Diane (Show: Straigh Ahead Jazz): Al Muirhead, It's About Time (Chronograph Records) - Jazz

The elder statesman of jazz trumpet in Canada, has released his first CD under his own name though he has played with many Canadian greats including Tommy Banks and PJ Perry who play on this CD. It is delightful.

H-Man (Shows: Enjoy the Ride; Divided Sky) The Compact, One At a Time (Choking Chicken) - Rock

3rd cd from the collaboration of Erin Hobson (vocals, guitar) and Steven W. Ross (vocals, bass), whose undeniable Quick read more or view full article musical chemistry produces three very good songs (1,2,6) but becomes inconsistent on the remaining tracks. Edgy and varied musical styles, including jazz improv. Guest drummers provide solid grooves throughout. Best named record company this year!

Ol' Dog (Shows: On the Porch; New to Me, New to You) Clever Blue, Clever Blue (Self Released) - Blues

Tight Blues Band that covers several styles with both leads, male & female, doing a fine job.

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