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Debuting Now! Photo Ops - Vacation

February 1, 2016

Sometimes you just fall in love with a record.
That is exactly what happened to me with Photo Ops new album, Vacation. (Bad Friend Records)

This album is deep and dreamy, full of pop melodies The Beach Boys would applaud. In fact, a lot of the production and vocals sound as if they could have come from Brian Wilson himself, which I believe is one of the highest compliments a pop song could receive. The amount of pain channeled through these songs is immense, almost hidden beneath the gorgeous voice of Terry Price. If you simply listen at the surface of this album, you will undoubtably dance around your house or Quick read more or view full article tap your desk, much to the annoyance of your cubicle mate.
But, give it a second listen. Hear Price's words, and not only will you be dancing, you'll be connecting. Understanding. 
This is certainly a body of work that hits the heart, but it's a good pain. It's the feeling of release.
My favorite tracks are "Memories that Glow," "Maybe We'll Change," "You Could Be Great," "I'd Be Dead," and "To Move On."
I honestly could list every song off the album though, it's magical as a complete work. I do love the Indiana/Chicago reference in "You and Me Driving Cross Country." Nothing like an I-65 reference to remind me of my home state and my 3.5 hour monthly trips up and down that interstate.

I've been listening this album on repeat for a full week now and I simply cannot stop. 

This album enters the KAFM on-air studio this week, so tune in for some spins off of Photo Ops - Vacation

Track List:
1. Once Around the Town Square
2. Old Lullabies
3. I'd Be Dead
4. You Could Be Great
5. Memories That Glow
6. Maybe We'll Change
7. You and Me Driving Cross Country
8. Kathleen
9. To Move On
10. It Isn't Mine

Tori Miner
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