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January 22, 2013
Well, well, well! A brand spankin’ new Music Blog!

I’m Alicia Mitchell – Music Director for KAFM. I’ll be giving you an all access pass into the Music Department at KAFM, Grand Junction’s only Community Powered radio station. We specialize in several genres, from Alternative to Zydeco (see what I did there?), and just about everything in between! No matter what music you’re passionate about, I can guarantee that we’ll have something for you (because we are, too).

So what will you be able to find here?
  • Weekly music charts? Check.
  • Music reviews and recommendations? Yep.
  • New music, singles, videos and news!? Oh you betcha.

Also keep your eyes peeled for special downloads, playlists, and more from myself, our Music Bureau, and Quick read more or view full article from our Radio Room performances! Anything that has to do with music, we’ve got it all right here for your auditory pleasure.

I’m excited to keep you informed about what we’re up to, and welcome to the KAFM Music Blog! Read Less
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