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When you underwrite on KAFM, you reach a loyal and dedicated audience who appreciates your support of community radio and want to patronize your business. 

Underwriting is a form of marketing that has a strategic advantage over other media; it delivers your message without advertising language in an uncluttered environment. 

KAFM’s listeners identify with the businesses and organizations that support their favorite radio station—and therefore choose to do business with you.

Did you know: *74% of public radio listeners say that a company’s support of public radio has a positive influence on their decision to purchase that company’s products or services?

Underwriting creates goodwill because your business is seen as supporting a valuable community asset and resource.

Offerings include:

  • 15 second on-air underwriting announcements, with a variety of plans to suit your needs
  • Banner ads on the KAFM website
  • Special event sponsorships
KAFM Underwriting Brochure

Contact one of our Underwriting Representatives or call (970) 241-8801, 207 to schedule an appointment. 

By Underwriting with KAFM your business will reach a focused area of:
  • Over 10,000 daily listeners throughout the Grand Valley of Western Colorado
  • 89% of our listeners report that they patronize our business supporters
  • Are highly educated and are continuous learners 
  • Our audience has a median age of 35 to 54
  • Listeners’ range from young students to seniors;
    • 24% aged 18 to 34
    • 26% aged 25 to 54
    • 50% aged 35 to 65
  • 54% male | 46% female
  • Grand Valley Median household income is $58,892
  • KAFM's lisenters are givers and have discretonary income
*Audience Insight and Research 2010 Analysis of Public Radio Listeners.

KAFM The Voice of Our Community
88.1 FM in Grand Junction & 96.9 FM in Palisade, Colorado
Streaming at KAFMcommunityradio.org

For more than 23 years KAFM has served as an essential source of music discovery, artistic culture, and community networking.
  • Underwriters...  are often held in higher regard by the listener.
  • Underwriters... are seen as more trustworthy and credible by the station’s members and listeners; sharing their values.
  • Underwriters... are thought of more as supporters than just another business trying to make a sale.
KAFM connects our listeners to our communities, by providing that personal touch from our team of over 100 volunteer announcers. Where you hear thoughtful commentary and the largest library of music on-the-air in Western Colorado.
KAFM's loyal listeners are... Passionate music lovers!
Broadcasting Live & Local 24/7 with our unique personal touch, KAFM's announcers are our neighbors who are as diverse and eclectic as our music.
An Audio Oasis... KAFM provides our community with the largest variety of music, not available anywhere else on the dial. 
  • Jazz
  • New Age
  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Bluegrass
  • World-Beat
  • Big Band
  • Classic Rock
  • EDM
  • Swing and much more.
KAFM’s programming is the most eclectic and engaging in the Grand Valley. 
See the great variety of Shows and Presenters that are On Air HERE

Community Affairs Show

The primary focus of the Community Affairs Show is topics of local interest about charities, education, civic and commerce in Western Colorado. Guests include a wide variety of Mesa County non-profits, businesses, and individuals who value KAFM's commitment to keeping our neighbors informed about resources available in the Grand Valley and the Western Slope Region of Colorado.

Membership Matters
KAFM currently has nearly 1000 Members, and more than 100 on-air volunteers and an additional 100 volunteers. We have from 10,000 to 15,000 listeners at any given time. KAFM's listeners are choice consumers, savvy business leaders, and influencers who are active in our community.
That’s a lot of motivated listeners & customers.
Community Connector
KAFM is the favorite local hub of community networking, where you often meet your neighbors in the halls and hear them on the air. We specialize in music discovery and are an active supporter of local musicians and artists. We are the only station in the area that has a daily Community Affairs Hour, where local charities are invited to share their resources with our listeners.

The Public Radio Audience

Public Radio listeners in smaller markets are influential members of their communities.

  • 3x more likely to be civically engaged in their communities
  • 79% are voters,
  • 61% higher than the average in smaller markets
  • 21% serve in local organizations, more than double the average

  • 53% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher,
  • 136% higher than the average

  • 52% have a household income of $75K+,
  • 42% higher than the average
  • 79% own their home,
  • 10% higher than the average

  • 81% say wanting to explore and learn new things is very important,
  • 11% higher than the average

  • 46% attend music or theater performances or go to museums/art galleries,
  • 54% higher than the average

  • 59% agree “A company's environmental record is important to me in my purchasing decision,”
  • 25% higher than average
  • 61% agree “I feel I am more environmentally conscious than most people,”,
  • 34% higher than average


Sources: MRI-Simmons Doublebase 2019 -- Among residents of C/D counties, those with populations of less than 85,000 households NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, April 2020 *Lightspeed Research, NPR Sponsorship Survey Nov 2016

What Our Underwriters Say...

Here’s what business supporters and community leaders have to say about underwriting with us:

“Alpine Bank has been a supporter of KAFM from the very beginning.  We are proud to be an underwriter of such a unique and local success story.  Diversity and individualism have always been part of life in Colorado.  The tradition is alive and well at KAFM.”
Norm Franke
President, Alpine Bank

“Underwriting on KAFM is a terrific way for us to do something that is good for our business and at the same time support something that is good for our community.”
Doug Simons
President, Enstrom Candies

“Hilltop counts on the support of partners like KAFM to help make a difference for people of all ages in our community. Together we are stronger.”
Michael Green
Marketing & Communication Manager, Hilltop

You'll Be in Great Company

These companies know the impact underwriting on KAFM has on their business.


excerpted from Wikipedia

An underwriting spot is an announcement made on public broadcasting outlets, especially in the United States, in exchange for funding. These spots usually mention the name of the sponsor, and can resemble traditional television advertisements in commercial broadcasting to a limited extent; however, under the terms of a public broadcaster’s license from the Federal Communications Commission, such spots are prohibited from being promotional (such as making product claims, using superlatives, or being more than 30 seconds long) or making any sort of “call to action” (a phrase that refers to “any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale” such as announcing prices or providing an incentive to buy).[1] In the U.S., these restrictions apply to any television or radio station licensed as a non-commercial educational (NCE) stations, and even for non-sponsoring companies and products.

Donors who contribute funding can include corporationssmall businessesphilanthropic organizationscharitable trusts, and individuals. An underwriting spot can typically include the name (and, in local underwriting spots, address) of the underwriter, possibly including a company slogan (provided the slogan does not contain a call to action) and a message of appreciation, either from the sponsor indicating its pride in the program or from the station indicating its thanks for the underwriter’s sponsorship. Individual spots, more apparent on public radio, often are used to express personal appreciation for the station’s programming, and often also offer family members or friend best wishes on a major life event such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday.

**the Internal Revenue Service code that governs the specific type of nonprofits that includes public broadcasting.

Support KAFM

KAFM is community radio and exists based on the support of listeners like you! Please help keep KAFM on the air by making a contribution or becoming a Monument Member!

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