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Community Events

What's happening around town?
Will Whalen at Fruita Farmers Market
Aug 19 @ 9:00AM
Will Whalen offers a welcoming set of original songs with warm fingerpicking acoustic guitar, smooth vocals, and carefully crafted…
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Butter Sculpture Workshop
Aug 19 @ 11:00AM
Geared toward children, but all ages welcome. Tormas, or butter sculpture, has been practiced in Tibet for thousands of years.…
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Will Whalen at Thomas Waldos
Aug 19 @ 9:00PM
Will Whalen brings out a driving rock and heavy blues sound that gets a crowd up and moving. Using a loop station, vocal…
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Will Whalen at Living Farm Cafe
Aug 20 @ 10:00AM
Will Whalen delivers a performance of adult contemporary, jazz, and classical piano with a smooth vocal treatment, mixing instant…
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Closing Ceremony
Aug 20 @ 2:00PM
The monks from Gaden Shartse will conclude the five-day sand mandala ritual. Beginning at The Art Center with a reminder of…
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Smash Mouth
Aug 21 @ 7:00PM
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HeART of Summer Tour
Aug 22 @ 7:00PM
Art Patience joins Heart Dance Records recording artist Sherry Finzer and her trio,Trialogue for a benefit concert to support CASA…
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