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Dear Friend of KAFM,

Dear Friend of KAFM,
I can’t believe the holiday season and the end of the year is already upon us!  I hope you’ve been enjoying the music and information coming to you from KAFM every day – as I have.  As a non-commercial community radio station, KAFM relies on your support for a significant part of its budget.  Please make a year-end gift to KAFM, to help us meet our financial goals for 2014.

Membership contributions make up 20% of KAFM's budget - that's $1 out of every $5 that YOU help us with! With your donation, we are able to continue to grow as the only Community run radio station in the valley - one of only a handful left in the country - and provide the one-of-a-kind programming you can only find at KAFM. You can also donateto KAFM this Holiday season at ColoradoGives.org - information and contributing here.

Your past support has provided you and listeners in this valley with a unique mix of music and personalities, community affairs and community connections through KAFM.  Let’s keep doing that.  And, let’s do more.  That’s my hope, as I work with you, staff, the volunteers and the Board to grow the importance and reach of KAFM’s future public service.
Whether you contribute through ColoradoGives.org on December 9th or make a pledge the traditional way, your generous gift this holiday season will let KAFM build on the thousands of hours of service provided by our dedicated team of volunteers.  Your gift will help us stay current with technology, in order to provide you with high quality services from your radio and online.  Your financial support will lead to the production of more programming by and about this amazing local community.

As usual, you can qualify for a 2014 tax deduction, if your filing status allows you to claim an exemption for contributions to non-profit organizations – yet another great reason to return the enclosed donation card to KAFM right now.  Contribute through the mail with a check, stop in KAFM with cash, or make a contribution below.
I hope you will take this opportunity to support KAFM, so we can bring you great music and a discussion of important issues for many holidays to come. 
Thanks!  And, Happy Holidays!!
Mark McCain, ED

Membership: KAFM Producer

Price: $500.00

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Community Events

What's happening around town?
Education is not a Crime!
Feb 27 @ 7:00PM
A screening of the short film "To Light a Candle",  describing how a small minority, in Iran, has defied the…
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Concert: Tony Rosario & Alycia Vince
Feb 27 @ 7:30PM
Fruita Fourth Friday with Tony Rosario and special guest Alycia Vince. Free show.
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Concert: Bicyle Annie
Feb 27 @ 9:30PM
Local Rock
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The Navigators in Concert
Feb 28 @ 7:30PM
The Navigators are first class entertainment. Their all original music will reach deep down in your soul and leave you wanting…
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Concert: Tight Thump
Feb 28 @ 9:30PM
Local Rock/Funk
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Once Upon a Mattress
Mar 01 @ 2:00PM
If you thought you knew the story of 'The Princess and The Pea,' you may be in for a surprise! This rollicking spin on the…
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Mar 03 @ 6:00PM
Follow an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today, and investigates why the…
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