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Tied to the Tracks

Saturday • Noon-2pm



I play a variety of blues, rock and Americana, probably in that order.  Lots of new music and some great older tunes.

I come from a music-loving family.  My grandfather was a concert pianist, and my parents loved music and dancing.  We lived in Italy for awhile, and my big brother and I listened to radio-free Europe.  In my college years, I got involved in a "progressive" FM station in Denver and owned part of a small recording studio.

I have family in Austin who turned me on to lots of blues -- and I don't think I have any good friends who aren't music freaks.  After living in San Francisco for 20 years, England for one, and lots of travel, I ended up in Grand Junction, wondering, "What the @#$%#@ am I doin' here?"  Now I think it's such a sweet place to live.  SO much of that has to do with KAFM.  Yes!  A cultural oasis alright!


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An Evening with D&G Railroad, with opener Coral Sk
Dec 22 @ 8:00PM
Local favorites and long time collaborators, Donny Morales and Glenn Patterson bring D&G Railroad to Intrinzik for a raucous…
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Concert: Haven Effect
Dec 22 @ 9:30PM
Local rock. 21+ $5 cover gets you a free drink!
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An Evening with Les Choy's Gypsy Jazz Social Club
Dec 23 @ 7:00PM
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Ugly Sweater Party w/ DJ Squatch + Wave 11 & Apaz
Dec 23 @ 8:00PM
DJ SQUATCH RETURNS!!!! Join Dj Squatch For Total Request Live!!!! you pick the jams to have a truly unique and personalized…
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Killer Keyz by Dueling Piano's
Dec 30 @ 7:00PM
Killer Keyz by Dueling Pianos Anywhere is the top-rated dueling pianos show in the country, awarded and maintaining the coveted 5…
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Concert: All My Brothers Band
Dec 30 @ 9:30PM
Classic 70s and 80s rock. 21+ $5 cover gets you a free drink!
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